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THE FAITHFUL TROUBADOUR PUBLICATIONS is a Gospel-centered publishing ministry, specializing in writing Christian musical scripts that bring Biblical truths to life in a relatable, modern way. Our aim is to connect cast and audience to Christ through the art of musical theatre in partnership with schools, churches, and theatres around the world.


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The Faithful Troubadour Publications is a company that purely radiates the gospel. Between the beautifully written and composed shows, to the founders behind it all, Jesus is placed directly center in every aspect of The Faithful Troubadour. Each show is filled with depth, truth and relatabilty to today's issues and hardships, while also showing the freedom and love found in Christ. Riddled with Biblical messages, clever comedy, and an excellent score, The Faithful Troubadour is a great option for any theatre company looking to shine a light in a dark world.

Sarina E. - Actress

  1. SCARLET is a reimagining of Robin Hood through the colorful characters, choreography, & a brilliant musical score. Identifying with the characters & the story placed me on a path which God positively affected my work relationships, health issues, & family. The best part of being part of the SCARLET cast was sharing other's adventures as God worked in all of our hearts together.
    Dean G. - Actor
  2. SCARLET is an excellent production, with beautiful music, great comedy, and serious moments, but what I appreciated most was the way the Gospel was communicated so profoundly. It blended perfectly with the story and was impossible to miss!
    Lindy L. - Crew
  3. I could never have predicted much how much of a difference SCARLET would make in my life. Throughout the show, various circumstances arise that ask the characters to trust God. Not every character does. I learned so much from the characters that did trust God, because even though their situation did not always get better immediately, they found joy & peace amidst the pain.
    Georgia S. - Student
  4. The music of SCARLET flowed seamlessly through the script, so that each song didn't feel like a "break from the action," but rather develops characters, emotions, & themes. As a musician, I knew that my role was not just playing violin, but enhancing the story as well. SCARLET reminded me of the power of the arts, and the impact of a well designed story in the lives of those who experience it: the cast and crew, the audience, &, of course, my own life.
    Elizabeth L. - Musician
  5. SCARLET is such a fun show! It takes a familiar story & characters & turns it into something unique & fresh! Not only is the story unique, but there’s great comedy, great music, & great twists & turns! I had the opportunity to be part of the first read-through, & had no idea what was coming! The message is also very impactful. As part of the original cast, I got to see the story & message really move the cast, not to mention the audience. Especially for young adults who are struggling, this story really brings the message home that "no one is beyond God’s reach!"
    Ellie F. - Actress
  6. I’d been involved in community theatre for the majority of my life, but never have I felt as close to a cast as I did during SCARLET. The very structure of the show encourages a sense of comradery, no matter what part you fill. The music has continued to ring in my ears, just as the message continues to show itself to be true & applicable to the everyday.
    Andrew F. - Actor
  7. SCARLET was really wonderful! The music was brilliantly written for the characters to shine! I personally enjoyed the interaction with the audience in one particularly hilarious scene, but I won't give it away! You need to experience it for yourself!
    Katie P. - Artist
  8. SCARLET is a beautiful musical that tells the riveting story of Robin Hood. Its messages of love, courage, faith, hope, and endurance truly jumped off the stage into my heart every night. The characters are so relateable and I was able to see how each one related to me. Being able to be a part of the creative team backstage was truly an honor and privilege. I am so very grateful for each opportunity that this show gave me.
    Laurel J. - Crew
  9. The writers love and faith in Christ shines through all that they do, especially in SCARLET. This musical is saturated with Biblical truth. It is full of action, suspense and an amazing storyline. The music is phenomenal. Well done in every of the best I've seen. Looking forward to seeing what the Lord does through their other musicals!
    Karen P. - Parent
  10. It seems kind of hard to imagine that a play could be life-changing, but I believe that God is going to use SCARLET in amazing ways. I hope that this play reminds others that no matter who you are or what you've done, you will never be beyond God's reach and His wonderful love.
    Abby B. - Student
  11. SCARLET is so amazing, and it really taught me that even if you think you can't be forgiven, God has already forgiven you, and that you are never too far away from Him.
    Abbie C. - Student
  12. God has used SCARLET to touch me in many ways, so open your heart and let the incredible, powerful message and music inspire you and draw you closer to God.
    Veronica C. - Student
  13. SCARLET has touched me so much. My relationship with God & my family have grown & made me a better person...We may think that we are so far gone that God doesn't care about us, but we have to remember we are never too far gone, and God will forgive us no matter what.
    Adain M. - Student
  14. Something from SCARLET that has touched me is the idea that God is in control. A lot of the time, I'm impatient or worried about what will happen, but I've learned that even though I may not know what's to come, my God is here & I will find my peace in Him. He has a plan for me & no matter what I do, I can't mess it up. So I will wait for Him & rely on His timing.
    Sophie N. - Student
  15. I have been a part of countless productions but SCARLET might be my new favorite. "More Than Watchmen" spoke to me each and every time I sang it because it was what I needed this summer - and I had many people tell me it was their favorite number in the show for similar reasons. The songs and the story connected with people on a deeper basis, ministering to and speaking truth to a world that desperately needs it. Off we go dear friends!
    Kelsey R. - Actress
  16. FRACTURED is like no show I’ve ever read before! This incredible take on the story of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde is deeply profound without being preachy. It deals with difficult issues, & yet stays on the light side with fun music & appropriate sparks of comedy! It’s also very uniquely set in 1940’s Chicago, which gives the whole script a jazzy & mysterious flair! Fractured will bend you mind and touch your heart. I was in tears by the end of the script!
    Ellie F. - Playwright
  17. What is so comforting about "When Dreams Collide" from FRACTURED is the intense rawness. It does not deny the pain. Rather, in the pain, the character claims responsibility for finding joy. Isn’t this right where we ought to be? Kneeling at the feet of our sweet Christ, begging for the promised peace, joy & love, because within ourselves there is nothing?
    Kelsey R. - Singer
  18. I love every message in The Faithful Troubadour's stories. I can't wait to see FRACTURED presented in a theater!
    Loy N. - Parent
  19. As someone who used to struggle with anxiety and depression, I can say that Hyde is an accurate picture of depression. The war between Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in FRACTURED is a mirror to those who struggle, but the story also provides a window of hope.
    Ana L. - Actress
  20. FAIRYTALE is a fun, lighthearted musical that still packs a powerful punch! In a world full of cliches, FAIRYTALE is a welcome addition to the plays that we come to know and love with it's humor & twists on the great classics. The themes of finding your true identity in Christ & learning to work together as brothers & sisters in Christ towards a unified goal of loving a hurting world are so relevant in today's culture & will provide good discussions. We need more musicals of this caliber to encourage & challenge us in our faith & provide good options for children to perform. I promise you are in for a treat!
    Hope A. - Writer
  21. The students and families absolutely loved FAIRYTALE! So many people commented on the message and loved the music! It was a meaningful experience and the music will stay in our hearts forever!
    Alanna M. - Theatre Teacher
  22. I cannot begin to touch on what FAIRYTALE and the cast means to me. I have learned humility the hard way, been challenged as an actress, and built relationships. This play taught me that I will never be someone else, I have to be ok with who God made me to be.
    Mikayla B. - Actress
  23. FAIRYTALE is an amazing story with so many good themes that I can't even tell you then all. But one of my favorites is how God uses all things to bring good. In the play Claire always hates the way her family does things, but as you get deeper they aren't always wrong. In this we can see that even in things we don't expect God can use them for good.
    Josh C. - Actor