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THE FAITHFUL TROUBADOUR PUBLICATIONS is a Gospel-centered publishing ministry, specializing in writing Christian musical scripts that bring Biblical truths to life in a relatable, modern way. Our aim is to connect cast and audience to Christ through the art of musical theatre in partnership with schools, churches, and theatres around the world.
Robin Hood Christian Musical Scarlet

Written by Jeremy and Erin Phillips

"Scarlet: The Outlaws of Nottingham" is a musical comedy that brings the legend of Robin Hood to life. After returning from the crusades, Robin finds the villagers of Nottingham depressed and hopeless, as they are being taxed into oblivion by the oppressive Sheriff of Nottingham. Striving to bring the light and love of Christ to the people, Robin and the Merry Men discover the power of the Gospel, as they learn how to forgive like Jesus does, and answer the question, 'how do you survive in Nottingham?'
Though your sins are like scarlet,
they shall be as white as snow.​​

Isaiah 1:18 
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Artwork by Zach Meeker

Listen to the music of SCARLET
1. Nottingham
2. Off We Go
3. The Dawn Comes, Softly
4. Bridge Song
5. Nottingham Square
6. Beloved
7. Marian's Plea
8. Get That Sheriff
9. Let Mercy Flow
10. Beyond the Reach
11. Off We Go Medley
1. Hope is On the Rise
2. Off We Go 2
3. Our Evil Way
4. More Than Watchmen
5. Scarlet
6. Off We Go 3
7. The God Who Loves
8. Will's Plea
9. Let Mercy Flow Reprise
10. Stand and Sing

The Scarlet: The Outlaws of Nottingham soundtrack features the cast of Spiritual Twist Production's July 2016 production.

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Production Details

Running Time: approx. 2 hours (not including intermission)

Cast Size: 30-60

Speaking/Singing Roles: ​15 Male, 9 Female, 9 Either.

Age Range: Middle School through Adult

Charlotte Christian Theatre Company March 2017

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Past and Upcoming Productions of Scarlet

Feb. 16-18, 2017​​
Charlotte, NC
July 28-30, 2016
Garner, NC
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Charlotte Christian Theatre Company March 2017

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