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Escape the Cliché
Christian Musical Fairytale

Written by Jeremy and Erin Phillips

Fairytale is every bedtime story you have ever read: the good king of Everaftia has died tragically and suddenly, leaving behind the Queen, his second wife, - his first ​also died tragically and suddenly - and her three daughters: Prissy, Pansy, and Pipsy. Oh. And Claire, his oldest daughter. Before his death, the king had decreed that his successor would be Sir Alexander, the bravest knight around, and that one of his 3, er, 4 daughters was to marry Alex.
You've probably already guessed the ending by now...or have you?

Fairytale will take everything you know about fairytales and turn them upside-down! This vibrant musical is filled with colorful characters and exciting twists that will keep you guessing at the ending around every turn!

Fairytale is a story that wrestles with issues of failure, identity, and unity, as all the characters learn that God makes us different on purpose and calls us to be united under the Gospel, not to be divided by our differences.

Artwork by Zach Meeker

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I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.

Psalm 139:14
Listen to the music of Fairytale
1. Every Day Everaftia
2. Forever
3. Life in the Spotlight
4. Hero's Deed of the Day
5. Very Good Princess
6. The Friendly Pirates
7. The Place To Be
8. Ever Day Everaftia (Reprise)
9. Fairytale
1. Do Not Fret
2. The Author
3. I'll Be The Hero
4. The Friendly Pirates (Reprise)
5. The Author (Reprise)
6. Wings of Grace
7. The Ending

The Fairytale: Escape the Cliché soundtrack features the cast of Charlotte Christian Theatre Company's July 2017 production.

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Charlotte Christian Theatre Company
Production Details

Running Time: approx. 2 hours (not including intermission)

Cast Size: 15-50

Speaking/Singing Roles: ​5 Male, 6 Female, 8 Either.

Age Range: Elementary through Adult

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Charlote Christian Theatre Company July 2017

Past and Upcoming Productions of FAIRYTALE

April 22-23, 2018
Indiana, PA
March 16-17, 2018
Columbiana, OH
July 13-15, 2017​​
Charlotte, NC
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