Christian Musicals from The Faithful Troubadour Publications
THE FAITHFUL TROUBADOUR PUBLICATIONS is a Gospel-centered publishing ministry, specializing in writing Christian musical scripts that bring Biblical truths to life in a relatable, modern way. Our aim is to connect cast and audience to Christ through the art of musical theatre in partnership with schools, churches, and theatres around the world.
  1. Jake & Rachel

    Go To Prom

    Jake Bishop, an athlete and straight-A student, has always been the favorite in the family over his older brother Ethan, and tensions rise when Jake falls head-over-heals in love with sophomore Rachel Alton and Ethan's graduation gift is given to Jake instead. hroughout the story, we see that there is more than meets the eye... (Read More)
  2. Scarlet

    The Outlaws of Nottingham

    A musical comedy that brings the legend of Robin Hood to life. After returning from the crusades, Robin finds the villagers of Nottingham depressed and hopeless, as they are being taxed into oblivion by the oppressive Sheriff of Nottingham... (Read More)
  3. Fractured

    The Mysterious Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

    While inspired by the classic novel by Robert Louis Stevenson, Fractured is far from the story you've heard. Set in 1940's Chicago, Fractured is an up-beat musical with a steady balance of comedy and drama. Dr. Jekyll might have found a cure for human wickedness, but things begin to run amuck when Mr. Hyde shows up in town...​ (Read More)
  4. Fairytale

    Escape the Cliché

    The good king of Everaftia has died tragically and suddenly, leaving behind the Queen, his second wife, - his first ​also died tragically and suddenly - and her three daughters: Prissy, Pansy, and Pipsy. Oh. And Claire, his oldest daughter... (Read More)
  5. When a break-through is made on the possible location of the lost empire of Atlantis, Mattie finds herself dragged along on another great adventure with her grandfather. With a diverse and unique crew of experts, they dive below the waters to discover the ancient city... (Read More)
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Global Reach
Excellence in Art
Gospel Vision
Every musical we write is centered around the Gospel, pointing both cast and audience to the Cross and stimulating Christ-centered conversations.
We are dedicated to writing captivating musical scripts with relatable characters, memorable songs, and engaging stories that capture the audience's attention and redirect it to Jesus.
We love partnering with Christian schools, theatres, and churches around the globe to spread the Gospel in an entertaining way that reaches religious and irreligious audiences.
Our Writing Philosophy
  1. Each show is filled with depth, truth, and relatabilty to today's issues and hardships, while also showing the freedom and love found in Christ.
    -Sarina E.
  2. I cannot begin to touch on what FAIRYTALE and the cast means to me. I have learned humility the hard way, been challenged as an actress, and built relationships.
    -Mikayla B.
  3. The very structure of SCARLET encourages a sense of comradery, no matter what part you fill.
    -Andrew F.
  4. In a world full of cliches, FAIRYTALE is a welcome addition to the plays that we come to know and love with it's humor & twists on the great classics.
    -Hope A.
  5. The songs and the story connected with people (including me!) on a deeper basis, ministering to and speaking truth to a world that desperately needs it.
    Off we go dear friends!
    -Kelsey R.
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