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Christian Musical Atlantis

Written by Jeremy and Erin Phillips

When a break-through is made on the possible location of the lost empire of Atlantis, Mattie finds herself dragged along on another great adventure with her grandfather. With a diverse and unique crew of experts, they dive below the waters to discover the ancient city...and they get more than they expected! Discover a whole new world with the crew as they learn how to pursue their passions with humility and about the destructive nature of pride.

Atlantis is a story inspired by the Tower of Babel from Genesis 11.
Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit,
but in humility count others more
significant than yourselves.
Philippians 2:3
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Artwork by Zach Meeker

Listen to the music of Atlantis
1. Once in a Lifetime
2. Out There With Me
3. There Is More To Me
4. All Aboard
5. The Dreamers
6. What Doesn't Last
7. Once in a Lifetime (Reprise)
1. The Luminant
2. We Are The Ones
3. Bootstraps
4. Long Walk Home
5. What Doesn't Last (Reprise)
6. Blinking in the Light
7. Brave
8. Live Goes On
9. Open Your Eyes
10. Brave (Reprise)
11. Matilda Smiles
12. Gloria

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  1. Live - What Doesn't Last
    "What Doesn't Last" is sung by Charlie and Mattie in Act I aboard the submarine. Zach Meeker and Madison Forman performed the song at an Open Mic Night in June 2017.
  2. Live - Brave
    "Brave" is sung by Mattie to her grandfather, Arthur, in Act II. Madeleine O'Melia performed the song at an Open Mic Night in June 2017.
  3. Act I Scene VIII
    Act I Scene VIII was workshopped for an hour and a half with a group of teens from Christian Fellowship Theatre in Acworth, GA in June 2017. The scene has been edited further since workshopping, but still represents the spirit of the scene.
  4. Brave
    "Brave" is sung by Mattie to her grandfather, Arthur, in Act II, performed by Madeleine O'Melia.
  5. What Doesn't Last
    "What Doesn't Last" is sung by Mattie & Charlie, and performed by Madison Forman and Zach Meeker. This song is from the first act of the show, when tension between Mattie and her grandfather, Arthur, begins to rise. Find out more about ATLANTIS on our website!
  6. Life Goes On
    "Life Goes On" is performed by Libby Snover with Josh Lyman.
  7. Open Your Eyes
    "Open Your Eyes" performed by Amanda Patterson, Rachel Ullman, and Madeline O'Melia.
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Madeline O'Melia Brave
Production Details

Running Time: approx. 2.5 hours (not including intermission)

Cast Size: 17-50

Speaking/Singing Roles: ​5 Male, 6 Female, 2 Either, 13-18 Ensemble.

Age Range: Middle School through Adult

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Charlote Christian Theatre Company May 2018

Past and Upcoming Productions of ATLANTIS

May 2-4, 2019
Marietta, GA
May 3-5, 2018
Charlotte, NC
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Madeline O'Melia Brave
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Charlote Christian Theatre Company May 2018

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